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Morgan Schlesinger

Imperfect Courage

Initially I thought I had picked up the wrong book. Her story is very different than mine. But I am slowly learning that just because our journeys and stories are different doesn't mean that we as women and followers of Jesus, cannot learn from one another.

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Fresh Summer Stir-Fry

Happy August Everyone! My latest read has got me in the mood for fresh ingredients and creating something from scratch on my own terms! I was very excited to create this dish. And even more excite to eat it. And

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Oh Summer

I love my books. And I especially love digging into a good "self-help" read, as you all well know. But lately, as I've tried to enter into some new books this past month, I realized my mind wasn't taking anything

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It's Time-Part 2

So its been almost a month since my birthday and I am thoroughly enjoying my "fitbit". Having something continue to show me those goals each day has created such an amazing habit of movement and exercise on a regular basis.

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