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Choices and Chances

This post was written ages ago, before Covid began, but re-reading it today I felt it had a place in the near end of 2020. I hope some of you find it a hug and comfort, a moment of "Oh good! I'm not the only one." Know, you are not alone. You are loved.

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Love Life Again

Valuable? Me? That's not really something I've ever thought myself to be. After working my way through this beautiful book called, Love Life Again, by Tracie Miles, I came away with many, many new insights and lessons to learn under

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Fantastic Fall Faves-2019

Happy Fall, all you amazing readers! I am so excited about fall. I love all the seasons, but there is just something about the beautiful array here on Vancouver Island as the leaves change. Since we only get snow on

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It's Time-Part 2

So its been almost a month since my birthday and I am thoroughly enjoying my "fitbit". Having something continue to show me those goals each day has created such an amazing habit of movement and exercise on a regular basis.

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