So its been almost a month since my birthday and I am thoroughly enjoying my "fitbit". Having something continue to show me those goals each day has created such an amazing habit of movement and exercise on a regular basis.

Since I last wrote on this topic, I have also bought the book Body Love by Kelly Leveque.

Who in the world, you may ask, is Kelly? Well I had no idea who she was either until I heard her as a guest on one of my regular podcast listens. (Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis- Episode 40, incase you wanted to know.) Kelly is a nutritionist and after reading through her book, Body Love, I am in love with her concept for healthy living and eating.

There were a few reasons that I chose to buy her book:

  1. I recently went to the doctor to talk with him about the possibility of coming off of my anti-depressants, which led to a conversation about my mental health, but in how it is connected to my physical health. And he wanted me to focus on my weightloss through diet over excercizing to burn the fat. This will protect my joints.
  2. According to other reading I had done on Kelly L., her approach was actually based on science I could understand, AND was about a lifestyle change and not a diet.
  3. She isn't trying to sell me her personal line of products.
  4. It actually sounded like a doable lifestyle transition, even as a busy mom.

So now, having begun my journey into a healthier life and with the goals in mind from my first post, I bought her book, engulfed it, and it actually made sense! Best part, it has been a VERY easy transition! She is not a diet pusher and doesn't have the "do and don't list". But she breaks it all down and gives the tools to actually make this a success for you. Everything from the scientific breakdown, in "normal person" language, to help us understand why her approach works, for weight-loss and a healthy body, to meal recipes and 40 variations of her Fab Four Smoothie! Guys it's a goldmine in a binding! And it's $32 bucks on Amazon!

All I can say is, the smoothie option for the morning begins my day off right. I haven't been hangry in a week! Managing what I eat with this framework, has helped me to keep myself from snacking, bingeing, and feeling gross. My blood sugar has been a steady stream. And I am so beyond excited, if you couldn't tell.

And on top of feeling great, I am fitting into clothes I bought that were a bit snug or even too tight (I did this on purpose for some non-food incentives). This includes a pair of button fly high waisted jeans aaaand an adorable jumpsuit I found at Target on my trip in Arizona. And apart from a couple new items, my old clothes fit sooo much better!

I am super excited to see results so quickly, but also seeing the changes in how I feel overall has been AMAZING! I have so much more energy, I am not starving and feeling the need to munch all the time, I am sleeping better, my skin is so much clearer, and I am my stress level on the daily is generally lower (Life still happens and of course is not perfect, so I do still have downtimes, moody pms times, and mommy rage moments. But they are all moments and I am more willing to face them head on and deal with them and then move forward as opposed to dwelling and dwindling inside those moments.) All levels of life for the win so far!