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Bringing the J-O-Y!

Christmas. It's been my favourite time of year, as long as I can remember. And no matter my season of life thus far, it always makes me as giddy as a child! The past few years have been

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Christmas Biscotti

I have been making this biscotti for 11 years. Every Christmas! I have made if for gifts and for sharing. It is always a HUGE hit with everyone in our huge family. And I love it because it makes a

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From Rags to Riches

Do you ever go into kitchen shops? I love to go into the kitchen departments of any place and see all the shiny and new. But something I find very often are dishtowels that are just too cute to pass-up,

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Lamp it Up-DIY!!

So I had found this lamp at a thrift store...um, well, ages ago! and it's been sitting around my "craft room" waiting for a it's makeover. I loved the shape- but the brown-red

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DIY Cotton Wreath

A Cotton Bud Wreath-this has been on my wish list for ages! But with the cost, really I couldn't bring myself to buy one. So when I found these faux cotton stems at our local dollarstore I lept

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