A Cotton Bud Wreath-this has been on my wish list for ages! But with the cost, really I couldn't bring myself to buy one. So when I found these faux cotton stems at our local dollarstore I lept on them and was giddy to give a homemade one a try! This start to finish cost be under $25 Canadian, and I think it turned out great! Funny enough I prefer it to most of the ones I have seen online! Less is more when it comes to things like this for me. The joy is if you want, you can always add more!


Floral wire($2/pkg)
Faux Cotton stems($1.50x9)
Grapevine wreath(6.99)
Wire cutters


Step 1: My stems had a bunch of extra stuff on them that I didn't want, so I used the wire cutters to trim off the excess and just leave to cotton buds.


I liked this better, but if you love the extra add its, by all means keep them!! The JOY of DIY projects!

Step 2: I stuck each stem through the front of the wreath.


Step 3: Once through the wreath I wove the stem back through the wreath, which blended in perfectly with the grapevine!


Step 4: Repeat all around the wreath, I spaced the 9 stems out about 3 inches or so apart. Then it's really just about tweaking the buds until you get it all where you want it! This is where the floral wire can be a help. I only used one piece as my stems were pretty plyable.

Step 5: Oh, right no more! You're done!! Ta-Da!