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Hope in my Broken

I am not writing this today from a place of victory. A place of pure success. Or from a place standing as some kind of super-parent who has it all sorted.  I am writing it from the stage of now.

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Salt Spring and Me

Honestly, fear,anxiety, along with excitement and joy. Panic, you can throw in a touch of that too. What does 6 days by myself look like? Completely on my own? No agenda, no timers, just me. So this quite honestly

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Gather Rise

Wow-Wow-Wow! This past Saturday I was blessed with the timely opportunity to attend the Gather Rise Conference in Surry, B.C. I was going by myself and nervous as I could be since I had never been to anything like

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What’s in a Name?

Just Add Grace- when looking into why I wanted a blog in the first place, let alone a title for one, I thought about the journey of my life, who I am, what I wanted and so on. And honestly,

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