Just Add Grace- when looking into why I wanted a blog in the first place, let alone a title for one, I thought about the journey of my life, who I am, what I wanted and so on. And honestly, as soon as I’d begin to think, my mind would flood with why I was bothering, I’m not good enough to write a blog. I was terrible in English. I really don’t have anything special to say. And besides I’m not perfect. See those are the lies. The lies that I’ve kept inside of myself for far too long. The lies I’ve believed. Believing I wasn’t smart enough for something else, that I wasn’t pretty enough, or that if I wanted anything else Outside of what I had it was selfish. God has blessed me with so much in my life, why should I deserve more?
Grace is something I receive everyday. Everyday I make mistakes. I screw up. I’m far from perfect- but that’s okay. Having grace for myself has been one of the hardest journeys I’ve ever been on. And it’s far from over. But if Christ is able to give me Grace that’s new every morning, and I’m supposed to be more Christ-like, then I need to give myself a break! I need to be okay with not being okay. And accept that this is a journey. A bumpy, messy, happy, sad, joyful journey. In order to succeed in this life I really need to~Just Add Grace!