So it begins!
Today is the first day of summer vacation for my kids. And its raining. But thats okay, honestly we were all due for a down inside day with t.v. (Don't judge!) Our summer is filling up quickly for the first time ever. Our daughter is doing so well these days, her Therapeutic riding instructor suggested she could do a beginners camp. Like, a "normal" kids one! And that knocked my socks off. (To think 8 months ago we weren't sure the seizures would be gone through the week!) Thats week one and week two my son has soccer camp. We are set for a family camping trip and have been lucky enough to get our daughter into some community support summer camp programs.

The summer support programs are a very new thing to us and were brought to our attention by a close friend when I was talking to her about how I wished our girl was able to attend summer camp. (For my sanity and her's haha!) Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, and with the summer filling up so fast, a part of me feels sad. BUT! I also know for me to be the best mom I can be for my kids, that means asking for help. And so I am. And I am sooo thankful that we have found these opportunities for her.

In August, both of my kiddos will head to their grandparent's for a week or two. Anyone else do that? My husband did when he was young and loved it, so we thought we would give it a try and see how the kids do. Playing it by ear a bit as to length. I am hoping to take the time to catch up on the house work and a ton of other things that I know will get further behind in July, and then we start school in Spetember, which from here, seems crazy! But I know it will go by too fast!!!!

What do you guys like to do during your summer breaks? I'm finding this year I am feeling ready for it thanks to my little mini vacation my hubby gifted me and I am excited to see what the summer brings.

P.S. I am working on the blog post about my mini-trip so stay posted!!