Shop local.

We have all seen it on pinterest and facebook. These words flood our Instagram feeds. But what does it all actually mean?

Well I found out in the past few years about shopping local. And this is not me saying that I am perfect at it. But I thought that I'd share part of it's reality.

Our Ma and Pa Shops are running dry. We all, myself included, would rather one stop shop at big box chain store. But where is that stuff coming from? Who made it? Were they being treated fairly? Or perhaps even paid? We have no real way of knowing, but I do know that when it comes to small businesses that are locally owned and operated we can know that we are supporting a family. A dream. A life.

I wanted to put this Shop-List together to help encourage you to think about buying closer to home this year for your loved ones. And I thought by putting this list together, you'd feel like the ordeal was a bit less daunting.  

There may be another factor looming in your mind right now too. I know what it is- Cost! Yes it's true the cost overall may be more. But perhaps this is also the opportunity to think of quality over quantity. I know for our family this year we have decided to cut way back. And this was partially cost, but also after our purge this year, the last thing we want is to fill our house back up again.

So as you head into this beautiful time of year, will you join us in the mission to Shop Local and Buy Less?  

I have split up the businesses into "Best For's" to make it easier to jump to the specific person you are shopping for. I hope it helps, and I hope that you have a wonderful time shopping for the ones you love, as well as seeing the beauty that we have being created within our very own Canadian boarders.

Best for Women:

  • Fox+Wit Boutique: This locally owned business is operated out of Maple Ridge, British Columbia. The owner, Janean, has one of the few shops that serves women in the plus sized department as her main audience. And she has an eye for such amazing pieces. She also does have an extended size section though on certain items for sizes Sm-Lg.
  • Memi Collective: I personally own a couple of this companies pieces and their fabric is so lovely! Great size selection and an array of styles!
  • Buttercream Clothing: Ethically made is at the forfront of this companies clothing and I personally love how soft their cotton is. So many things to look at over there. So hard to choose!
  • Salt Spring Tweed: Now this shop is all about the re-purposing! The bags are gorgeous!
  • Simple Girl CA: This shop has heart! And I love their "pick your own words to describe you" fillable tops. So awesome!
  • Hermosa Lingerie: This shop is a local jewel in Campbell River. The owner carries a beautiful array of intimates but so much of so comfy lounge wear to! And sweaters!
  • KnitWhits Couture:Out of Kingston, Ontario this gal has an amazing eye for fashion and I love following her account! One of her vests is sitting on my Christmas list!
  • Love Ugly Bunny: Her jewelry is so pristine! I love it so much! Her new holiday line just released and I may be drooling a tad! Another amazing talent out of our beautiful country!

Best for Men:

  • Chisel+Hide: An array of gifts. Their Wooden handled mugs look amazing!
  • Stoked Supply Co.: A company out of Edmonton, Alberta. It's a unisex shop, so you can always shop here for ladies too. But, my hubby really loved the designs for himself, when I showed him the site.
  • Create Forest Apparel: T-shirts with a cause! I always love companies like this!! They are a 100% Made in Canada company and believe in sustainable clothing. And the shirts designs are awesome. Two trees are planted for every shirt sold! Go support our local forests at the same time as picking up a great gift for him!
  • Buttercream Clothing: This company's fabric is SOOO soft and I am happy to support them! Quality!!!
  • Westcoast Tees: My husband owns a few of their tee's and loves them! So many designs to choose from and their customer service is amazing!

Best for Kids:

  • Rain People: I personally know the lovely creator of this line and she herself is a mama. Such beautiful bonnets, hats and so much more!
  • Deer Child: Another fabulous home business mama that is from my town. These tents are the cutest things!
  • Wild Roots Co.: Beanies, Bags and Scrunchies! Their items are so perfectly cute!
  • Three Little Creations: Hair bows of cuteness galore, so perfect for stocking stuffers!
  • Trae Designs: Handmade with love and care in Squamish, British Columbia. These toys are just divine!
  • Bird on a Barbedwire: This beautiful company out of Okotoks, Alberta just makes me smile so big! They firmly believe in fostering imagination and they create simple, but imaginative play pieces that I could see my kids loving!! Go check them out!

Best for the Whole Family:

  • Toad in a Tree Is local to my hometown on Vancouver Island, and I own one of their Cowl Wrap Jackets! SO MUCH LOVE! Beautifully hand made and printed! They also make an amazing line of kids wear too!!!
  • Omdl Coastal:Located on Vancouver Island BC, this company makes an array of hand printed T's for the whole family as well as some cute cards!!
  • June Isle Clothier I haven't personally ordered from this company, but their items for women and children look divine!
  • Barnacle Beach: This lovely lady is local to me on Vancouver Island and she makes more things than I can count. Cute purses, oil bags and more for the ladies. Snack bags and more for the kids. A true talent! She makes it all by hand herself!
  • Westcoastees: I have in-store shopped with these guys and I love them! Bought personal tee's and gifts too. They have something for EVERYONE!

Best of Health and Beauty:

  • Pure Anada: This company is out of Manitoba and I ave been using them for over 3 years! Their make up is awesome and a great clean alternative to the store bought. They also have wonderful men's lines and some cutie sets for your little girls too!
  • Nezza Naturals:This shop is out of Victoria,BC and it's a Father/Daughter operation! We order our shampoo, conditioner, and all my husbands shaving needs from them! Such a great bunch of clean for you products! They also have house stuff too!!!

Best of House and Home:

  • MOWA:So much goodness from this Vancouver Artist! I have one of the totes and some of his amazing prints too!
  • Inspired Findings:Handmade signs! Her work is so pristine and has a beautiful finished quality! Local out of Calgary, Alberta!
  • Rough Seas Woodworks:Local man in my town makes all of his items by hand and with such care! Such amazing woodworking!
  • Locality Totes:I'm ordering one!
  • Rural Creative:Another wooden sign company, but with a completely different feel. Love it! This gal is out of Calgary, Alberta!
  • Trish Lafrance:A local artist on Vancouver Island, she has a beautiful eye for colors that capture the West Coast at it's best! So beautiful!
  • Needle & Pine:Calgary, Alberta shop of amazing shelving and so adorable mountain pillows!
  • Westcoastkitsch:This family run business is exactly what their name states. WestCoast! Their woodwork signs are different than any others I've listed. They have an amazing texture and layering affect! Go check it out!
PS>This is last Christmas. So not ready for this yet lol!

Please note that none of these businesses have paid me to be added to this list. I simply wanted to share some love by hosting their sites and giving you a wider range of shops to shop from apart from the chain stores and websites. I hope you enjoy!