As I'm moving through this book, Simplicity Parenting, I've found so many things that resonate to a deeper part of me; that take me back to so much of the "simple life" I had as a kid. It makes me long for rest and time for (and with) my kids. Too often are our mornings and days and evenings hurried and busy. Perhaps it isn't organization, or a lack thereof, but a life too full. Why do we put such expectations on the days?

One of the first things this book addresses is the environment we live in. The space that our kids have to play and be. How new things are no longer a once in a while thing or on special occasions, but regular occurrences. And with the loads of things our kids have, let alone us as adults, we are drowning in stuff! We are all flooded with so many options and choices. So if this is overwhelming for us as adults, imagine how it looks to our kids?!

Simplifying our children's spaces, minimizing toys, and having toys that allow them to use their imaginations, help gift them the childhood that they are entitled to. The recommendation of trying to steer clear of television related toys, minimizing the amount of screen time, and allowing kids to find their own way in their play is something Payne strongly stands behind. Now, don't go crazy, we have Paw Patrol galore in our house and I have been so guilty of the "whenever we go out treats and toys". I've made the mess my kids are in (and me too) all on my own!

So, what now? Payne asks us to imagine what we would like to see when all was said and done. Having goals and then moving towards them through the steps we can take to get there. It won't happen overnight, but it can happen. Change takes time but it is so worth it. I already feel lighter just reading this book. I'm excited, as I feel it has given me permission to dream about what could be and that it's not too late for us to have the family life we desired to have.

First for me was a very bogged down space in our home: the "nook" in our kitchen. It is a basic dumping ground that includes my desk, the kid's play kitchen, and the shelf crammed full of arts, crafts, coloring, puzzles, etc. So I simply started with this area as it causes me heightened stress just looking at it every day. Plus the kids won't touch the kitchen or shelving as its all just too overwhelming and buried!

My hope for the space, "my dream", is for the kids to feel free in this space to play and access the coloring, puzzles and crafts whenever they want to. And for myself I would like to actually be able to use my desk for its original purpose as a family command center.


See that storage tower? It was jam packed with dishes, food, etc. I have now made it so anything we keep for the kitchen has to fit comfortably in the kitchen. The small basket on the top contains the felt sandwich kit my kids got as a gift from their Nana-Sue and some play table linens made by their Aunt Jo.


Soon, I'll share some pictures of what other things I have gone through and will be getting rid of!!! SO EXCITING!!!!