Hey all! So I was feeling in the FALL spirit and decided to try out this fall mason jar tealight holder project. I hadn't made anything like these before and had seen a TV show a while back with a Christmas version. So I kinda just hoped for the best and jumped on it! And it worked! I was so stoked! Follow along with me if you'd like to have some of these pretty and inexpensive fall decorations for your home!


You'll Need:
Clear Contact Paper
Leaf Template (or which ever shape you'd like for the jar)
Mason Jars with just the rings
Acrylic Paint (mine are simply from the dollar store)
Foam brush for each color you decide to use
A push pin

Step 1
Use your template shapes to trace onto the contact paper. Then cut out your shapes.


Step 2
Make sure your mason jars are dust free and clean. Peel and stick your shapes applying them to the flat surface of the mason jar.



Step 3
After you have the sticker shapes exactly where you want them, begin to paint over them with your chosen colors and a foam brush. I recommend being sure your brush strokes all go the same way. You don't have to press hard and its okay if there are streaks in the paint.



Step 4
Allow the jars to completely dry. If you touch or bump them just add a light layer of paint over the smudge. Good as new! I got impatient at this point waiting for them to dry, so I used mt hairdryer hahaha! Once they are completely dry, use your push pin, very controlled and careful, the push the edge of the sticker inwards.



Step 5
Continue to peel off each sticker and viola! Add the rings (this is personal preference). Add your tealights and arrange them. You are all set to go!


A few tips if needed:
If you slip (which I did) when using the pin, just add a bit on paint over the area and dry. It looked like it never happened.

If you end up with any paint bleeding under the edge of the sticker, which I also did, just use a cotton swab the wipe it. If already dry the pin will work to scrape the paint off!

Honestly, this project was so simple I am already dreaming up a few Christmas ones!! Can't Wait!!!