6E1AE5F7-01C9-4D36-A5B7-73A61A8A97B7My latest read is by author Kim John Payne, Simplicity Parenting. Honestly, in the past, I have often found myself in a book with a Christian author with Christian methods, but this book is not. Hoping not to scare any people of Faith here, but I have recently come to be a bit more open in the past few months...just because something isn’t from the Christian based section in the bookstore, doesn’t mean it’s evil or wrong. Having a child like My Girl, who has special needs in her everyday life due to her rare epilepsy, we have had to look outside the box. Not because I believe God can’t miraculously heal her, but because as her parent He calls me to bring my best. My best is looking outside the walls that we as Christians have put up around ourselves. For crying out loud-we have her on CBD oil right now, yes it’s marijuana!! But it’s also not been the perfect answer for us as it has been for so many people. And that’s okay, and another story for another time.
Now back to this book, Payne is introducing me to this world of simple...not easy...but simple. Our world being such a crazy busy, me, me, me focused place. And our kids are caught in the middle of it all and through us constantly go, go, going they are finding themselves in kinda a mess. And honestly a mess that they don’t have a single minute to even begin to understand! In Payne’s words, “we simplify. This is exactly what we need to do when they are overwhelmed; stretched thin and stressed out by the effects of having too much stuff, too many choices, and jumping through their days too fast.” I don’t know about all of you, but that basically covers too many of how my days go! And simplifying the days and simplifying our home sounds kinda awesome!
My dad recently came and put in some shelving for me, converting a downstairs closet into a second pantry for me. Previously my “pantry” was a corner in my laundry room that slowly had almost taken over. Having this place of overrun chaos turned into clear space and a place to actually put my laundry hamper, well I was tickled pink! Simplicity can bring just joy, I’m excited to simplify my time and allow the things that are truly important in my life to take precedent. Like my kids, and actually having the time to sit with them, create with them, talk with them and know them better. Time with my husband that isn’t overwhelmed with with mess and clutter from wall to wall. I desire a peaceful simple home.
Technically I’m only starting chapter 3 here, but this book is really great! I’ll keep you posted!!