You know what I love!?


It's so easy! And you can use almost anything when making it. (Okay maybe not anything- I did say almost!)

This past week I found an evening I'd not planned a dinner for, and our leftovers had already run their course. What to do? I had mushroom, bok choy, pork chops, bell peppers and leftover rice. The perfect batch of items for a last minute stir-fry!

These items along with an amazing seasoning from Epicure, that I had forgotten about in my epicure spice drawer, and some soy sauce made an amazing stir-fry and it took me 30 minutes to make!

Who said healthy has to be time consuming and complicated? OR WORSE! Boring!!

Of course, I have no pictures as I really hadn't been expecting to make this at that moment and my family was quickly turning into hangry dinosaurs. But I thought incase you find yourself in my same spot I'd lay out the steps for you here. If you have different veggies and meat. Don't sweat it. Just try your hand and make it flavourful!

1-2 Cups of Mushrooms
3 small or two large heads Bok Choy
2 Bell Peppers
4 Pork Chops
Epicure Asian Stir Fry Mix
Soy Sauce

Stir-fry The Easy Way

  1. If you don't have left over rice like I did and want to lay your stir-fry on something this is the time to pop the rice maker on.
  2. I gatherd my mushrooms, peppers and bok choy. Rinsed they thoughroly and then chopped the peppers and mushrooms into the bit size pieces. The bok choy I cut the thick stems from the leafy tops and then chopped them into seperate piles. (The boc choy leaves, you want to add last so keep them seperate.)
  3. Here I began preheating the wok over high heat with a bit of grapeseed oil in the pan. While that was heating I grabbed my pork chops and sliced them into strips.
  4. Next I browned and cooked the strips of pork through, adding my seasoning at this time.
  5. Add the mushrooms, peppers and bok choy stems.
  6. I added another tablespoon of the seasoning mix and the soy sauce at this point.
  7. Cook until your veggies begin to soften and are heated through but arent mushy. I still love some crispness to them.
  8. Last, stir in your bok choy leaves. Cover and let them wilt for a couple minutes.
  9. Ta-Da! Your done! Taste test and then pile this mixture on your rice or noodles, whichever you prefer. I'm a rice person.
  10. Enjoy!