Hey all! Happy November 1st! Can't believe October has come and gone already! I wanted to pop on and share a few photos to show you a bit more of my minimalist decorating for the actual holiday of Halloween! Honestly, we didn't actually get have a chance to get out the halloween stuff until the day before, but I actually think it was even more fun! Please once again note how I remove some of the everyday or even fall decor for the halloween decorations. I still wanted to stay with a minimal looks, but still festive! So here they are, enjoy!

Top Left:Mine and Hubby's "Scaredy Pumpkin"--Top Right: Daughter's Scary Pumpkin--Bottom:Son's personally designed and drawn himself classic pumpkin. (He has taken to being a "very good pumpkin artist", in his words, and I'd have to agree! He is only 5!!)