We just had our Growth Group Christmas party and I wanted to bring everyone a little something, but I had to be careful of costs. Trying to keep things below red this year, so I had these adorable dispensers I'd found a while back. Believe it or not- they were supposed to be ketchup dispensers..... I figured that I'd use them for soap at some point and this seemed a very perfect opportunity!
So, I googled and found a recipe I had the ingredients for and it came together smelling lovely and the receivers were thrilled too.


The items you'll need are simple:
1.3/4 Cup Pure Castile Soap
2.3/4 Cup Distilled Water
3.15-30 Essential Oils of your choosing
4.2 Tablespoons Grapeseed, Almond, or Jajoba oil
6.Cute Gift Tags and Ribbon

Step 1: Add the Water to the jar first!! This will save you a lot of bubbles! Then add the Castile Soap.


Step 2: Add the oil of your choosing, I had Grapeseed on hand.

Step 3:Add you essential oils. The Castle soap I had on hand was already peppermint, so the kiddos helped me pick the ones to add. I added 10-15 of each oil to the already peppermint soap. We created Peppermint, Orange and Cinnamon for 3 jars and then Peppermint, Orange and Spruce for the other 3.


They turned out smelling lovely and the kids helped me count in the drops.

I printed out the "flavors"on Plain Gift Tags- Loved these sweaters!- and tied them on with a fun plaid ribbon. Ta-Da! Done! Took hardly and time as I had it all on had and inexpensive as I had the jars and everything handy too. I loved how they turned out and we happy our friends enjoyed them too!