Christmas - honestly, its my favorite.

I have been taking my decorating in steps this year, it's taken a bit longer to get the tree started, and I keep telling myself that it's ok! That slowing down and enjoying the process and being thankful is more important than anyone's expectations; and my own personal expectations need to change. I need to realize the reality of themselves: they make me a stress-case!

So I thought I'd share a few pictures of my main living space with you. Christmas gets spread about the house, but this is my favorite area to be in and decorate.


Oh Starbucks ornaments! How you are awesome! I worked there way back at the before we got married, before kids, and started collecting then - it's continued! I have Christmas 2006 onward!


Our dining and living areas are in the same space. I still like to create some separation between the two though. The buffet has been in the family a while and was one of my very first refinishing projects. The table too!


Front door!! I created some of my own entrance greenery arrangements for outside. (I'll have some pictures over in Homemade soon on that.)


This is the spare wall in the kitchen. I love to take things down and put the everyday aways for the the most part. And then add my Christmas cheer :-)


This beauty is new to us and created by the write Ann Voskamp. It's been a lovely addition to moving through the month and keeping God focused. Absolutely loving it!