September McCarthy, I first heard of her via a podcast with the God Centered Mom and loved what she had to say on the show so much that I literally went straight to Amazon and bought her book.


It's taken me a bit to get through this one as Summer brings challenges to time allotments for reading and I find myself being very limited. BUT! I am just pages from being done now and you guys, there is just SOOOO much in this book! And it so full of God's word and a truly amazing message of hope for us to have in our motherhood.

The book is broken into 3 parts. Then each chapter's title in those sections begins with "Why", as in "{Why} you Should...", "{Why} You Don't...", or "{Why}We can...". At the end of each section she has the last chapter entitled "Let's Talk" where she offers a kind word and affirmation on how you could be feeling. Or how she often feels when she is approached with the topics from the chapters. Each chapter, itself, is divided into a few different sections on the topic of that chapter as well, and backed up with beautiful verses from the Word. Following the chapters insight and love there is the "Taking the Steps" section with helpful words to actually implement these great tools in you and your family's day to day life. That is followed by "My Parenting Principle" with positive words of affirmation over you and yours. The last words to each chapter are those of a prayer with the Lord. Words to help us. I don't know about you, but I find prayer prompts or pre-written really helpful when I am learning new things. My brain often feels so full or just not able to form the right words as is chews on all the new information. September's prayers are insightful and simple, but gave me such a great starting point as I asked for the Lord's help in the new steps to follow Him better.

She addresses so many topics in 252 pages and I found chapters that would hit me where it hurt, making them hard to face but so needed and by the end of the chapter I would feel like I had taken a good first step by reading on the topic. Then to have tools there and prayer and affirming words, I found it easier to take the new knowledge and apply it little by little.

Change is so brutally hard, especially when it's for the better. And even more so when it coincides with the Word and life God has for me. I often find myself taking one step forward and having to push hard against the pounding kicks that Satan likes to give afterwards. He hate the application of God and his words that are the Truth I need.

Chapters I found myself especially resonating with were on things like:
-Mom Guilt
-Raising responsible kids,
-Interrupting,whining and complaining from the kids
-The power of praying for our kids
-It's okay to say no to our kids

Chapter 18 was the one that I want to discuss today though. It's entitled, "{Why}A Tired Mom Can Be the Most Influential Mom". And any of you who have seen previous posts and the story of my trip in motherhood so far know that I am tired.I am emotionally so drained and struggle with depression. And I know that many of you moms out there although you may have a different story, you are struggling with your own stuff too! And motherhood is exhausting!!

A quote from this chapter reads, "Do not hide your tired, weary bones from your praying friends, from your children, and especially from God. He knew this was coming before we even got here. He was waiting for us to call out for rest and renewed strength. The beauty in our weakness is His glory and His strength. Don't shut the door on your shortcomings. Allow your children to see that you need God more than anyone or anything else. Nothing is more cementing for faith than seeing dependence in action. Let them see God show up when you are worn down."

I have always thought that showing weakness, well made you seem weak. And I have spent so much of my children's life trying to be best...But more on the scale of Pintrest and Instagram "best". I figured that if I was honest about how I fell short to my kids and others they would think less of me and see me as a weak and less than great mom. But the truth was, the more I hid my struggles from them, the more anxious I became, creating a mommy and friend that I wouldn't have wanted around. Because I was carrying the load by myself and not giving God the chance to help me, I was drowning in a facade I had made for myself. One that I could not continue to carry. A mask that was not even close to the reality behind it.

By allowing my kids to see the work that God is doing in my life, through my time spent with Him, journaling, hearing podcasts in the car and also the time I spend reading, a new openness has created an interest from them. An interest of healthy concern for me but even better, a desire to actually work through a devotional book for kids with me. (That's a very new thing, we are still trying to get the timing together right to make it an everyday thing we do together. But the desire is there from them and from me.) And I'm also thankful that I can share with them when I am having a hard day and through that give them the opportunity to learn empathy, love and the power of prayer. Not to burden them, but to allow them to see what I do next, with a prayer, or my journal, I can spend time with the Lord and He gives me the strength to move forward, the peace to shake off whatever it is that is bothering me or am working through.

I am so thankful to have found September's book and hope my little write up may give you a better insight into what it's all about. The timing of every book I meet, never cease to amaze me. The wisdom that God brings before me when I need it most. He is so good and I am so loved.