Our annual fall must is Coastal Black Winery's Pumpkin Fest in Black Creek B.C. Given the chance we also have our Fall Family Photo taken here in a mini session! We love this and this year's big new draw was the the Corn Maze.


We really enjoy taking the day to thoroughly enjoy the pumpkins, popcorn, hot chocolate, hay maze, pumpkin pie, hay ride, corn maze and bonfire. All things fall.

This year was wet, and we came prepared with everything necessary for a cold, wet visit. After pictures being our first stop this year (always best as wet muddy kids are not really what I wanted in the pictures) we headed inside for some food and hot bevies to wait for some friends of ours that joined us this year. We always run into a few people here that we know and perhaps haven't seen in a while. We know the family who owns and operates the winery and it's really neat to see the whole extended family pull together for this event each year!


Our third stop was the new Corn Maze. Last year they had one all set and then a huge storm moved in and knocked the whole thing down flat!!! So much work for nothing, so we were so thrilled to give this one a try this year! First time through we enjoyed every second and then I let my family go the second time as I was feeling really chilly and headed to the bonfire to warm up. They joined me there and then we split, Hubby and Our Boy headed to the hay ride and I took Our Girl out to find a pumpkin as she wasn't really on board for the ride. So we went off in search of the perfect pumpkin.







Shortly after finding the pumpkin of her dreams, Our Girl melted down and started to fall apart. She was done, so we found a table and got some more hot chocolate (which of course, even after I said it's too hot and to let it cool, she burnt herself on). We waited for the boys to rejoin us and then headed for the checkout with the array of pumpkins and gourds. Once in the car, the kiddos didn't last long and were fast asleep. The day was a success.




On a side note, I am not sure how the rest of you moms deal with public melt downs. I was firm and trying not to loose it as people stood by to watch and judge. I think this is one of the hardest parts of parenting a child with special needs (or honestly, any child). For Our Girl, because she appears "normal" on the outside, all people see is the tall 9 year old loose their crap and they jump to conclusions.

Something I find a lot lately on social media is "mommy shaming" stories. What is it with people thinking they have the authority to pass judgment on a Mom struggling with a child? No matter the situation, that's not your concern. No one knows the day that has been had, or the circumstances of the family. So can I challenge anyone who may be reading this, if you see a fellow Mom out and about, having a tough time: Give Grace. Be Kind. Show Love. Lend a hand out with the groceries or packing the bags with groceries. Offer a kind, "We have those days too". A soft smile and nod or even a "You are doing great Mom!"

Sometimes we need to set the example for others. So that perhaps next time the onlookers will know to have some grace and a kind word for the Mom of three, trying to bag her groceries while the kids are losing their minds instead of treating her as a bad person with bad kids! So much of the daily comings and goings of people around us could be blessed with a showing of grace and kindness. For me, this is part of what being the hands and feet of Christ is. This is what we are called to be and to do as Christians. We are to love. Not to judge. Give that gift of love.

Give Grace. Be Kind. Show Love.