I've been meal planning pretty regularly for the better part of a year and on and off previous to that. I found a printable online with an attached shopping list that made it even easier as I could fill it out as I'd pick out recipes. The purpose behind meal plans for me was just to simplify family meals, hoping to make them less stressful so by the time we were sitting down to eat, all hell wasn't about to break loose. However, it wasn't perfect! With so many recipes and ideas of dishes I wanted to try I was overwhelmed and bogged down. Time to try something new!!

So through the month of October I am going to take a page out of Simplicty Parenting and their suggestion for a regular meal for each night of the week. However with every week's meals being the same, well that just takes all the fun and joy that I love about cooking and throws it out the window, so I am going to make a theme for each night. That way I just have to find a recipe in that theme, but can still have something new and exciting to make if I want.

Click here if you'd like to give the printable I found on Pinterest a try: Meal Planner

The Theme's I chose for October are as follows:
Sunday - Pasta
Monday - Soup
Tuesday - Leftover
Wednesday - Meaty
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Eclectic (Mexican, Curry, Thai, etc)
Saturday - Pizza

I will be sure to keep you posted on how this goes. I am excited to give it a try and setting it for a month gives me time to settle in but also be able to change it after if needed.

Happy Fall Y'all!!!