My brother gave my kids these adorable prints last Christmas, I believe. I had been on the lookout for the perfect frames when i had an idea today, so here are the how to's on creating super simple and inexpensive hanging art that is also AMAZINGLY CUTE!


First gather all the items you'll need:
-hot glue gun
-dowel sticks in the correct size you want to use. And cut to the length you'd like. (I'd actually found mine in packs at our dollar store.)
-twine to your liking for hanging
*Note-I had thought of using the "stick squares" to attach to the back board that had come with the prints, but in the end decided not to use the boards. So this will also be a personal preference.


Applying a dot of the hot glue to each corner of the print, stick the dowel down. One across the top and one across the bottom. I wanted to see the dowel when it was hanging, but if you don't just stick it to the back.


Next, cut your twine to the length you'd like. Tie simple knots, if thats the look you want, and you're done. Its really simple, I know. But I love how they turned out! You can do this with any size print or poster. In fact I have a couple really awesome tea-towels that I bought a while ago, waiting for some dowel to hang up! I'll give you guys a post when I finally get around to the hardware store to buy dowel!! Hugs!